Time to repair the damage

Well, that’s how my dietitian tells me it usually pans out. You lose weight and then reward yourself  and find it hard to get back on track. That has been so right for me the last few weeks.  I am just soooo human. So today with 13 days left and a pep talk over thephone from my dietitian last night, Im back on track. I missed the gym due to an upcoming exam but my diet is good. No hot chips today. Yay Me!! Anyway exercise has to come again in my plan or Ill only maintain whatever I am now. Mon, Tues is gym. The rest of the week will depend on what work I end up with, where and shift times. I wish I was motivated to walk. It’s my biggest downfall. Anyway back on track so I can reduce on the scales on 26th June.  I CAN DO THIS.


22 days til weigh day.

Hi, how are you all travelling? Now Im almost done with my essay, I’m at it again. Nearly gave up mind you (the blogging, I mean) but thanks again to that amazing lady we all love so much Leila Halawe, I finally nutted it out. Well only 22 days left but Ive been so busy the last few days I haven’t even thought of my feelings about this journey. Only thing I thought about last night is the last two days Ive been traipsing around on buses and trains back and forth to Artarmon for casual work.  Every muscle in my entire body was sore as ever. I collapsed in bed by 9ish last night for the second night in a row. Anyway I know Im lazy but one thing I would always do is walk past the stairs and into a lift. Lazy right there. Anyway I got off the bus at Parra railway on Tuesday morning and there were the stairs to go down or about 30 metres away was the lift. How bizarre is this? I walked down the 20 odd stairs cause I was too lazy to walk up to the lift. Really? you ask? Yeah Really. No wonder my hammys are still sore even today. So in two days I did 4 buses, 4 short walks, 4 taxis, 4 trains and 8 sets of stairs. NOW I understand last nights pain.  Well that’s all for this one. More journey tomorrow til Tuesday as Im off work til at least Wednesday. The hard bits is when Im not at work. Until then, bye . About to do my online shopping as I have hardly anything in the house. Eat well and get some movement in before next time.

My Personal Journey in losing 61.2 kilos – Blog 1

So three weeks ago, I had to get serious with myself in the dietitians office to lose some serious weight. I have sort of made attempts by trying to increase my exercise but I needed more. After my first weighin after 3 1/2 weeks, I decided to blog my journey so here I am. My first blog. Id love to take this opportunity to thank the Lovely Leila Halawe for her help and guidance on how to start this.

Well to be honest, when I started, I reached day 2 and thought, “you know what? I really don’t think I can do this for 80kg.” 80 kilos is down to my actual goal weight. There was a lot of doubt in myself in the last few weeks but I had to do it and it had to work for me to not keep spirally upward bound. So, I was happy at my first weigh in at the loss of 1.4kg although I thought I put the work in to lose more. But hey, it’s 1.4 kg less all the same.

So when I came home from her office on Friday night, I briefly recalled my last 3 weeks and was with relief when Julie, my dietitian mentioned that when I weigh in at 100kg (61.4 kg away) she would leave me for 6 months. I nearly died. But I also though that, “do you know what, I don’t have to lose 80kg I only have to lose 61.2kg. ”  It changed my perspective on the whole journey. I then decided to blog my journey. Looking at my next appointment on 26th June, I also starting thinking, ‘Ive done this for 3 1/2 weeks and I survived, let alone lose weight.” I then decided to look at it like this. I only have to do this for 26 more days. That’s all. Then next weighin, the same. So now I am on strict diet and exercise for 4 weeks, then another four. And it will continue like that. No fearing needing to lose 10kg mini goal or get to 100 kg. It’s just for 26 days.

And onto the next day. Which is tomorrow.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think will enjoy or benefit.